When his wife dies unexpectedly, Wahid, a poor train station master of a small, remote town in Pakistan, must come to terms not only with her death and his own childhood personal demons, but also his complicity in the events that led up to it.

He must choose between facilitating a web of corruption involving his own elder brother that might provide him a more comfortable life but which threatens to destroy his beloved railways and morals on the one hand, and saving his estranged son caught in a similar conflict for a better life in the big city on the other. Set against the backdrop of the deliberately engineered decline of the railways system in Pakistan, 'Moor' is a story about the meaning of loyalty - to one's land, one's family and one's principles.


JAMI - watching Star Wars in 1977, knew he was hooked to the magic of cinema. He went on to study film from Art Centre, College of Design, Pasadena, USA, and in 1998 returned to his hometown, Karachi and formed his production company - Azadfilm (Azadfilm means free cinema). Jami's directorial debut "Pal do Pal" changed the landscape for music videos in Pakistan. Since then he has done numerous award winning, critically acclaimed videos for pop bands and singers including Strings, Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, Fusion - Shafqat Amanat Ali, Ali Azmat and Hadiqa Kiyani.

Jami ventured into feature films in 2005 by building a motion picture gear company and production house. He has worked over a decade towards building a professional standard industry; working to get professional equipment, meeting International standards and building a team of professionals who understand cinema.

Since then he has worked on numerous feature film projects in various capacities. - Moor (Producer, Director and Writer), ZindaBhaag (Associate Producer) - Downward Dog (Producer and Director) - O21 (Director and Co-Producer). Jami has always been outspoken against the unethical and corrupt methods that seep into the industry.

A strong portfolio spanning into many styles, genres and techniques - Jami is a believer in purity and simplicity. His films are a reflection of his personality - sensitive, clear, cutting edge, experimental, creative and soulful - elevating reality to art.


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